How much does Japanese knotweed removal cost?

Although the term ‘knotweed removal’ is often used as a blanket term for Japanese knotweed treatments, a majority of knotweed infestations are treated using herbicide, which doesn’t involve removal.

These are the Japanese knotweed treatment plans currently offered by Japanese Knotweed Removal and their associated costs:

Herbicide Treatment Costs

Our knotweed herbicide treatments start at £95 (plus VAT) per application.

We typically recommend a three-year treatment programme with a two-year monitoring period. This service starts at £1,395 for an area of up to 25m2.
Herbicide Treatment

Excavation & Burial Costs

Our excavation & burial treatment costs £850 (plus VAT) per square metre.
Excavation & Burial

Excavation & Removal Costs

Our excavation & burial treatments costs £850 (plus VAT) per square metre, plus a levied tax from the UK government of approx. £85 per tonne of knotweed waste.
Excavation & Removal
If you currently have a knotweed presence on your property, reach out and contact us today to arrange your FREE knotweed survey today. One of our team members will survey your property and offer their professional opinion as to which of our knotweed treatment plans is best suited to you, and answer any questions you may have about our knotweed removal treatments and their costs. Free Knotweed Survey