Price Plans

Removal Cost

So what is the Japanese knotweed removal cost? We pride ourselves on our honest and transparent approach to our services. Over the past 15 years we have refined our Japanese Knotweed treatment cost for the most affordable price plans. If you are struggling with Japanese knotweed identification, feel free to contact us for a FREE survey.

One of the most frequently asked questions when customers first contact us are the overall removal costs. This entirely depends on the Japanese Knotweed treatment used, but we will ensure we find the most affordable option.

Cost of Removing Japanese Knotweed

Take a look at our three scenarios below based on treating an area up to 25 m2. When calculating removal costs we include overall prices, VAT and potentially travelling costs for remote locations.

Herbicide Application When Required

Some customers do not want to choose a formal treatment program and just require straight forward regular applications of herbicide when required. We can apply herbicide for as little as £75 plus VAT per application. Subject to the size of the area of contamination and location it can take 6 to 8 applications over 3 or 4 years to control the growth on your property.

Please note there are no formal reports, surveys or guarantees supplied with this level of treatment and they may not be acceptable to lenders.

Regular Herbicide Over 5 Years – Most Affordable

Our most affordable removal costs are through our 5 year herbicide application program. Additionally, this option treats the invasive plant on the site over a period of 3 years, followed by a 2 year monitoring program. This option comes in three variations which you can see below.

Option A – 3 year treatment program followed by a 2 year monitoring period. Prices start from £950 plus VAT.

Option B – You can add a 5 year guarantee to the above program if required. This program has prices starting from £1,645 plus VAT.

Option C – It may be necessary to add a 10 year guarantee to the basic 5 year program. This option has costs starting from £1,945 plus VAT.