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Do you have Japanese Knotweed present on your property? Need some advice, or looking for an experienced team to eradicate your Japanese Knotweed problem? Do not hesitate to contact us for a free survey and quote. To request a call back or more information please fill out the form below or you can call us direct on: 0800 111 4958

Our Experienced Team

We offer up to date knotweed treatment procedures to tackle any location the weed grows. Due to the aggressive characteristics of Japanese Knotweed, the treatment process is often misunderstood. However, with our expert team working with you to provide the most effective treatment, we guarantee to control the weed spread and growth.

The current treatments offered are a range of herbicide application programmes and excavation techniques to manage the highly invasive plant. Our experienced team have over 20 years of dealing this weed, equipped with excellent NPTC and PCA training.

Often people take treatment into their own hands, which inevitably causes the weed to spread further. Correct Japanese Knotweed identification of the weed is crucial. This is made even more demanding with the seasonal changes of the plant, especially in the dormant winter months. Contact us today for your free survey!