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How to get rid of Japanese Knotweed?

Despite the myths surrounding Japanese Knotweed, there are a number of solutions to getting rid of it - permanently.

Finding the best way to to get rid of Knotweed takes some serious consideration, and is more often than not, a task determined by individual circumstances.

Issues such as the location, extent of the spread, season, etc will all help the development of a Japanese Knotweed Management Plan. For example, too close to sensitive environmental sites such as waterways and nature reserves and the use of herbicides becomes a less likely option. Too early in the season and many treatments simply won't work against what is effectively a dormant plant.

Our approach

As Knotweed removal and control experts, we can quickly advise on the best and most cost effective treatments in any given situation.

Our rates are highly competitive and our work is guaranteed to last. We offer a UK wide service.

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